Beautiful Day in Paradise is a blog about living for the moment and staying optimistic, while embracing life’s messes and mishaps with a humorous attitude.

When I was a child, living in the hills of Southern Humboldt County, listening to community run KMUD radio was part of the fabric of our lives. Along with the report of the weather, no matter what it was, morning after morning, I would hear the same familiar voice saying, “and it’s another beautiful day in paradise.” And it was. I believe that what we wish for, we become. When we focus on the good in life, we create more that is happy and harmonious.  There is much in this world to be sad and scared about, it can really drag a person down.  That is why I make a conscious choice each day to strive for upliftment.  I’m in love with life and nature and I want to spread that love on each day, like butter on toast. Wherever you are, if you are feeling the joy of life, it’s always another beautiful day in paradise.

That’s the truth. But is it the whole truth? The other part of the truth is that I try, but I’m far from perfect. I have failures, my life is messy, my children are loud and use inappropriate language (which they learned from me). In between being loving and helpful, I’m sarcastic and snarky. I’m me and my life is real. With blemishes and soft spots and sometimes a little dirty in places. But like a piece of organic produce, its healthier than the apparently flawless commercial version. That’s my kind of beauty. So if that’s the way you roll, too, then please, stick around and enjoy the ride with me.

They call me mom. I’m married to Family Man. We have two kids, Brother and Young Son. Plus two house rabbits and a fish. Meet the Fam

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