At the end of the Summer, when our vegetable garden was popping-off, I felt inspired to transition to Autumn crops.  I bought the very last six-pack of sugar snap pea starts from Pierson’s.  I know it was the very last one because I went back a couple of times looking for more, and they didn’t have them.  A friend had told us that he grows peas year-round (near-by, but a little more inland that we are here).  So I thought I would give it a shot.

sugar snap peas growing on a string trellis along the fence

Here they are looking good, eh? But it is not that simple. It never is, is it? They are growing, flowering, and producing peas. But the peas are smaller than Summer peas and they don’t taste as sweet. Altogether disappointing.

broccoli harvested from the garden and one medium sized cucumber

I found this Surprise Cucumber in the garden yesterday. Probably was there for weeks, I just noticed it. It ’twas a bit sour, but the boys devoured it anyway; they love cucumber. We do get about a meals worth of broccoli about once a week from the little shoots that are still growing out from the broccoli plants. The issue I’m having right now with the broccoli is caterpillars. They are all over the broccoli and no matter how hard I try to pick them all off, some of them end up cooked on the plate. Always on Young Son’s plate, too, somehow. Well, he is just a really good noticer. I suspect we all get one, but the rest of us just eat our without noticing.

Interesting side note, the caterpillars are only on the broccoli growing in the lower section of the garden. The broccoli plants in the upper section of the garden have snails which eat the leaves. So are the caterpillars not there because of the snails presence? Or is it more of micro-location thing? I do not know.

I also planted carrot seeds back in September. They are are growing well and I’m trying to keep them weeded. Other than that, I gave up on Autumn crops. Fall only lasted for one month this year: September. Then we went straight into winter. Heavy rains and cold, but not freezing yet. I couldn’t bring myself to do much gardening in that. I still have summer sweetpeas and pole bean plants to pull out and clear away. One day.