Babs resting under the rocking chair

This is the sweet and innocent-looking terror of our household, Babs. In the past month, she has bitten through the cords of three keyboards, one set of computer speakers, and the cord connecting the computer to the screen. She is really keeping us on our toes.

Babs on top of the coffee table

We think we’ve finally blocked her access to the delightful destruction of computer equipment. So that leaves her with the other pastimes of climbing on stuff, nibbling houseplants, and ripping up all the newspaper in her box.

Babs flopped over sleeping under the table

Clearly, all these rascally rabbit antics and can be quite exhausting. Everyone quiet down please, the destroyer of electrical cords needs a nap.

Young Son petting Babs with Pac the fish in the background

Jokes aside, this little sweetie has been warming our hearts lately. She has just gotten friendlier since the passing of her buddy Mr. Buns a year and half ago. She loves to be petted, especially on her forehead.

Babs resting under the rocking chair

And she seeks out our attention everyday. Lucky for her, the kids are often right down on her level.