Young Son and Brother dressed up in their costumes for school

This was the kids on our way to school on Friday morning. Young Son is Death (sans scythe, because no toy weapons allowed at school, and no face paint, because that would have been uncomfortable for the whole day). Brother is Link, the main character from the Legend of Zelda video game.

Zombies listening to coach before the game

Brother’s soccer team chose to dress up as ZOMBIES for their soccer game on Halloween day. It was an absolute blast. Family Man let me go to that game, because Young Son had a game at the same time and we had to split up. The boys all played hard and well as zombies.

Zombie player ready for action with coach in the background

They were on fire and scored three goals in the first half and didn’t let the other team score one. During the second half the opposing team picked their jaws up off the floor and scored on the Zombies twice.

Brother Zombie getting ready to receive the soccer ball

So Zombies ended up with the win by one point. It was exciting and fun.

whole Zombie soccer team with coaches lined up in front of the goal

After chilling out at home after soccer, we rallied again to carve pumpkins and then dress up for trick-or-treating.

Brother with face painted and dressed as Death holding scythe

Death face makeup by our resident expert, Family Man.

Brother in pose dressed as Link from Legend of Zelda video game

Link costume design by not-so-humbly Yours Truly, Beautiful Day Mama.