Young Son’s birthday was last weekend. We celebrated together as a family. First with soccer: we brought cupcakes to his game and his teammates sang “Happy Birthday” to him. (The classic version and we didn’t pay any royalties – ha!) Then we came home and he got to open his birthday presents.

Young Son still in his soccer jersey looking at his wrapped birthday presents

His big gift this year was a tablet. He was pretty excited about that. But of course it had to be plugged in and charged for hours before he could use it. Lucky for us, it was a beautiful day (in paradise) for a walk. We went down the road to Sequoia Park for a walk through the forest.

Young Son standing on a tree branch with his arm outstretched

We fed the ducks some grass. Which they liked a lot, until some other folks came by with bread and then they all flocked over there.

ducks at the Sequoia Park duck pond eating grass

We were all in good spirits. It was such a nice day.

Young Son smiling wearing his new minecraft tee shirt

Nine years old and still has a heart (and head) of gold!

Young Son and Family Man on the park bench with Brother behind them

These are my guys. I am one lucky mama.

Brother and Family Man deep in contemplation of the next move on the board

Later that evening, after dinner, we had cheesecake with blackberries. And we tried out the kids new cooperative game Eyes of the Jungle (a gift from their grandparents). It was pretty fun. In our experience, cooperatives games have very, very long rules, but then once you figure it out, its not all that complicated. Young Son played with us for the first half of the game and then went off to play an imaginary game in his room. That is something he still does often. Very much like me at his age. (Except that I would play at taking care of a baby and cooking food, and his games are more along the lines of adventure, battles, explosions.)

Young Son has his heart set on having a sleepover this year for his birthday. With all the busyness of soccer and Halloween this month, we just decided to put off the party until November, so it can really be all he wants it to be. So we are still looking forward to that.