One of the things that has been keeping me busy these days is my sewing projects. Since I started working at the fabric store last October, I have been often inspired plus I’ve gotten great deals on materials.

Then, on July 8th, I became an auntie. My step-brother and his wife brought into the world their precious baby J. He was born very premature, but healthy and strong, breathing without assistance from the start. He’s a really champ and such a cutie.

So he hasn’t made it home yet to use these receiving blankets and burp cloths that I sent for him. But I know he will in due time. He is over a month old now and doing really well. I had fun picking out these flannel prints for them. The music themed one because baby J’s dad is a musician and the lizard one because they live down in SoCal.

receiving blanket and burp cloths with red and black headphones and lightning bolts print

receiving blanket and burp cloths with red brown and green lizards frogs and snails print

Receiving blankets are good for more than just receiving (birth). They are also great for baby swaddling, for cuddling and nap time. My babies both loved being swaddled.

Flannels shrink a lot, so that should be taken into account with any project involving cotton flannel. They definitely need to be washed and dried before sewing with them because of variations in shrinkage and because they are treated with chemicals during manufacturing. One and a third yards at the cut counter should be sufficient for a receiving blanket (single layer, 32x32inches before hemming) and two burp cloths (double layer, 8.5×16.5 before hemming, with rounded corners).

For the blanket, I simply cut a square and folded over and hemmed the edges. For the burp cloths I cut a rectangular template with rounded edges. I sewed the two layers front to front and then turned it outside-out and stitched the opening closed. #BASIC