Forest fires burning in the Lower Trinities and Mad River watershed area have caused a smoky haze in the air for the past two days. The orange filtered sunlight reminds me of summer wildfire days in the country home of my childhood and gives me a strangely comforting, familiar warm feeling within. But I know it is not such a comfortable time for people who’ve had to evacuate their homes; and my heart goes out to them. I hope for safety for the residents and the firefighters.

I was surprised to go out to the garden this morning and discover everything coated in a fine layer of ash.

ashes on the cucumber vine leaves

Our cars were covered in it, too, our yard, our porch, our outdoor toys and tools. The fires, started by lightning storms, are numbered over a hundred individual fires, and at this time are only 5% contained.

Family Man barbequing Brother reading and looking up smiling

Tonight, eating our barbeque meal outside in the yard, we saw the smoke in the air cause this spectacular effect in the sky.

sunlight streaming in beams through the light rimmed edges of the clouds

As Laura Ingalls Wilder’s ma used to say, “There is no great loss without some small gain.”