It’s not my fault. I know this because I haven’t been pouring damp bread crumbs alternated with panfulls of bacon grease down the drain. And because “the Plumber” came and fixed the backing up kitchen sink just a couple of weeks ago. So in light of that fact combined with the reality that I haven’t been pouring bread crumbs and bacon grease into the pipes, it should be just fine. But it isn’t.

I say “the Plumber” in quotation marks because I don’t know if he is actually a plumber. For starters, he was young, good looking, and friendly. The other real plumber who has come to fix the kitchen sink in the past was short, older, grey-haired, and churlish. And the sink didn’t back up again two weeks after he fixed it. Proof positive that he was a real plumber.

In defense of “the Plumber”, he did fix our leaking toilet a month ago and that job has held up fine so far. But who knows, maybe that was a stroke of luck. He’s going to have to come back and prove his worth by having another go at the kitchen sink.