canned jars of tomato sauce salsa apple sauce and blackberries

It is that season again. When the fruit is ripe and the time for preservation is now. So I have been very busy putting up whatever I can. Hee hee, pun intended. It is a simple thing. And it is a TON of work. But it makes me feel soooo satisfied.

My running tally so far is:
-all pint jars-
-15 blackberry
-3 apple sauce
-6 blackberry apple sauce
-14 tomato sauce
-10 tomato puree
-10 salsa
-4 tomato juice
-total of 62 pints-

The tomatoes we bought from the local Farmer’s Market. The blackberries I picked mostly myself with a little help from the kids. The apples are from my parent’s house. I wish there was more apples, but they had a big windstorm in the spring and the trees lost a lot of their blossoms. Few blossoms = few apples. So if anyone in the Eureka/Arcata area has extra apples that need to be harvested, let me know. I’ll give you apple sauce if I can pick some apples.

I am really happy with how the whole process of processing went this year. My experience last year made things go very smoothly this time around.