We have been real busy here at the end of the Beautiful Day summer. There has been a lot of last minute projects and last minute news and I keep saying to myself, “better late than never.”

For starters, I finally put in a little garden in July. All Spring I didn’t think we would do a garden this year and then come Summer I was just regretting it so much, I decided to plant a few things and hopefully make use of the long growing season here. I’m praying for an abundant Autumn. We are starting to get some peas and green beans now. The cucumbers are coming along and beginning to fruit. The broccoli had aphids, which seem to be under control after a soapy water treatment. I planted a lot of parsley, too, which will please our honey bunny Babs when it is ready to harvest.


The last two weeks of July, Brother and Young Son spent at summer camp. They did beach day camp staying with their paternal grandparents for a week. And then the next week they did farm day camp while staying with my parents. They had a blast.


We went to train day at Fort Humboldt which was good clean fun. We got to have a ride on cart pulled by an antique steam train engine. This very engine was in service over one hundred years ago at the Falk lumber mill. What is now the Headwaters Forest Reserve trailhead was historically the location of the Falk timber mill. We’ve seen the engine before at Fort Humboldt, it is housed in a museum shed there. I had no idea it was still operational. Pretty cool.


I celebrated my 34th birthday in August and we spent a day at the Trinity River. It is a big river that runs fast so we had been waiting until the end of Summer for it to be low enough for safe swimming with the kids. And it was totally worth the wait. The weather was perfect. We set up our shade tent so we wouldn’t be baking in the sun the entire time. The river was cool and wonderful and relaxing.


The big change in our lives right now is that the boys are back in public school. Yes, our homeschooling journey has reached a successful conclusion. It was a great experience and served our needs for the two years we chose it. Now we’re a public schooling family again. I was notified at the beginning of August that they were on the waiting list for the elementary school near our house, the one we are zoned for our kids to attend, and they were officially enrolled in a school on the other side of town. I spent weeks stressing over it and then finally got a call just five days before the first day of school letting me know that there was room for both Young Son and Brother at the school of our choice. It was such a relief.

They have finished their first week at their new school and happily they both like it a lot. They have good teachers and are already forming friendships with their schoolmates. The transition could not be going any better. Let me tell you, I am one happy mama right now. (I don’t have pictures because I chose to not harass my sweet children on their first week with the parental paparazzi, but I promise to try and sneak one or two soon.)