Granddad and Young Son with a low sun behind them

On July 3rd my dad took Brother and Young Son and me to see the big fireworks show in town. There was a thousand people there, easy. Everyone had blankets and chairs spread out on half of the football green. The other half was roped off for the fireworks hardware. There was an air of excitement, but also a lot of time to spend waiting for it to get really dark so the fireworks could begin.

You know, I can’t remember if I had ever once been on that football field in my two years (Junior and Senior) of attending high school there. The kids I hung out with didn’t go to football games. Now I’m sure I would enjoy it, but back then it really wasn’t my thang. Funny how time changes us.

Brother with a blanket wrapped around him as the evening cools down

Brother was a little cranky because there wasn’t much to do. Normally he’d be running around with Young Son inventing games and being generally boisterous, but he hurt his back a few days earlier and wasn’t feeling up to his usual level of rough housing. So there was a little bit of complaining.

We ate some good food. Walked around a little. Sat and talked. I tried to talk with my dad, but I think we got interrupted a lot. Brother showed his granddad some of his thumb wrestling tricks.

Grandad and Brother thumb wrestling

Grandad and me with Young Son and Brother waiting for the fireworks to begin

Then, as we snuggled down under our blankets and the fireworks were just beginning, the simple joy and pleasure of the moment overflowed us all and finally filled up Brother and with genuine gladness in his voice he gave a big sigh and said, “I love you Mom” and planted a big kiss on my cheek. Those are the moments a mother lives for. Paradise on Earth in a nutshell.

The fireworks were really spectacular. I’ve never seen better fireworks anywhere and they just went on and on. It was beautiful. Certainly worth the wait. Maybe we can do it again next year!