wide spot along the Eel River bordered by redwood trees and a large stag
To celebrate the longest day of the year, we went to the Eel River. We took off Friday afternoon and camped at Hidden Springs campground in Myers Flat. That gave us all of the beautiful sunny Solstice Saturday to play and swim in the Eel. It is the perfect time of year for the Eel River which is very warm compared to every other river in the county. Late in the summer it will be low and green and slimy. Right now it is perfection. I LOVE it!

Hidden Springs campground is mostly very steep and consequently the campsites were a little cramped. But we lucked out and found an open site with enough room for two tents even though we didn’t have a reservation. (We never have a reservation, we always wing it, because that’s the way we roll…) Hidden Springs is in a State Park which means a hefty $35 a night. That’s too much for a basic tent site, IMHO. There’s not many other options along the Eel River though. And the fire pit was too tall. When I sat down in a chair by the campfire, I was below the top of the pit, so I couldn’t feel the heat of the campfire. Which makes it pretty pointless. But that is my only complaint, I swear!

Swimming in the river was so enjoyable, it was totally worth staying the night. Right across the road from the campground is a trail to a lovely Eel River swimming spot with a nice sandy beach. That’s what we came for. The Eel River is heaven right now. After a long morning swim, we had a late lunch. Then, because we like exploring so much, we headed up the road a little further to another swimming spot.

Family Man and Young Son floating in the sweet warm waters of the Eel River

The Eel River is just divine right now. I can’t say that enough times. I wish I could go back right now. I wish I could live there. My dream home is a cabin by the Eel River.

our new dumpster dive tent set up at home in the yard

Side note: we totally scored when we found a small tent and two brand new folding camp chairs in a dumpster at the campground. Yep, that’s the new tent set up in our back yard. #winning