We have a usual walk. It’s the best place to go by foot once you step off our front porch. After traipsing several neighborhood blocks we arrive at the path that takes us into the shadows of the redwood trees in Sequoia Park. My kids remark about how this place is perfect for a light saber battle. When they say it they add lots of SHOOOM, SWWIIIP, SHUUUUUWWW noises for emphasis.

I walk behind them admiring how easily their imaginations run wild. Young Son tells me how he is a wizard with energy that shoots from both ends of his staff (a walking stick he is carrying brought home and back from these very woods). I’m walking with a long smooth stick as well, with a perfect round knot on which my thumb rests comfortably. He asks me who I am being then. I pause, unsure, and then tell him that I’m a Mom with Razor Sharp Senses.

Through the shadows, down and up, and over, and back down, then past the sunny windfall meadow, we reach the duck pond. The pond is home to a random assortment of rescue ducks and two white geese. Other things too, mosquitoes. Which today were being feasted on my a flock of little birds with shiny green backs that were zipping and swooping just above the surface of the water. We watched them for a long time.

Then we watched this turtle.
red-eared slider floating next to a piece of redwood bark

And this mama duck with her babies.
brown mama duck with her fuzzy brown ducklings

We had a snack.

morning around the campfire

And on our way home we finished off our snack with sweet red thimbleberries (a wild relative of the raspberry).
ripe bright red thimbleberries and green leaves

It was totally usual and completely special. So simple and so very awesome.