Last week was the Alder Grove Charter Spring Concert, which was at the Eureka Inn this year. Brother performed with the beginning guitar class. And Young Son sang with the beginning choir class. It was a really fun evening with a wide variety of musical acts and an enthusiastic audience of parents. One of the best moments was when the guitar class was playing Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds and they were joined spontaneously with vocals by one of the parents. The video is on my YouTube page (which you can get to by the button on the top of this blog). There is also a video of Young Son and his class singing This Land is Your Land.

the four kids of the beginning guitar class

Brother playing guitar in the Spring Concert

Young Son singing with the choir class

This week was the End of the School Year Picnic at Sequoia Park for grades K – 6. It was a beautiful sunny day. We had pizza and fruit. I got to chat with my mom friends while the boys ran around with their buddies. It was a good ending to a really good school year. Next year Brother and Young Son are going to be returning to public school and we are definitely going to miss seeing our Alder Grove friends every week at school. Hopefully Mama (me) will do a good job of helping everybody to stay in touch.

homeschool families eating pizza on the lawn

homeschool kids sitting on the steps of the gazebo

Brother and Young Son posing in the cavity of a big tree with their friends

This summer we will be doing plenty of hiking, swimming, and camping. We’ll probably take a road trip or two to visit family and friends. Young Son and Brother will be staying with my parents for a week and attending day camp at the neighbor’s farm.

What are you looking forward to doing this summer?