We spent Sunday night at Swimmer’s Delight on the Van Duzen river. It is one of our favorite spots for summer time swimming. It is far enough from the coast to get nice and hot on a sunny day and the river is cool and refreshing. When we went last year in early June, I was too big a wimp to go swimming in the cold water. This year the river is lower, due to the prolonged drought California had in the winter, and warmer, too. So I did go swimming and it was lovely. Not that I’m happy about the drought, it’s just a fact. I don’t know what the river will look like late in the summer. Probably really low.

Young Son wrapped in a blue towel with a tuft of wet hair sticking up

Young Son and Brother playing in the river

Brother in the river with a red bucket

The kids float and swim and wade. And then when they need to warm up, they come to shore. They love to use their buckets and shovels to dump water on the sand and sand in the water. It makes an ugly mucky mess and they are in little boy heaven.

Young Son and Brother playing cards at camp

Here Brother and Young Son are playing a game of War. We taught them poker, too. Family Man went out early, on purpose. By the time we all quit, Brother was out too, and Young Son beat me by a margin of two pistachio shells. I don’t think it was just beginner’s luck. He’s got good instincts, and a neutral game face – a future poker champion in the making.

Young Son and Brother peering into the water

I’m glad I did go swimming Sunday, because Monday turned out to be cloudy and cool. The kids and Family Man went for a swim that day, too, because they would never waste a river opportunity like that, clouds or not. That’s just the kind of guys they are.

We only stayed one night, being that it was a last minute impromptu adventure. It was well worth it, of course. Camping always is. It gets us all in a different frame of mind. We stop thinking so much about what is ahead or behind and enjoy the moment. Watch the breeze blow through the trees. Watch the river constantly sliding by.