On Saturday, Young Son and I went to Family Arts Day at the Morris Graves Museum of Art. There was a fiddle performance by the Academy Fiddlers followed by art activities for kids downstairs. Brother said he wasn’t interested, so he stayed home with Family Man. I didn’t really know who the Academy Fiddlers were and it turned out they were kids! They were quite talented.

Humboldt County kids playing fiddle

I really enjoyed the music and Young Son agreed that it was very good. He did get squirmy near the end, as the show was a full hour. When it was over, he was glad to head downstairs for the art projects.

Young Son working at the art table

Kids could choose between making a bobby pin finger piano, or a rubber band guitar. At first Young Son just wanted to draw. A lot of children were making guitars and Young Son finally decided to make one, too.

Young Son rocking out with his cardboard guitar

The next day was Mother’s Day. It was sunny, breezy, and beautiful, so we decided to go the beach. I chose Clam Beach, and everyone went along with my decision because it was my day. I like Clam Beach because of Patrick’s Creek, a little stream that meets the ocean there. The clear water flows prettily across the sand, about a foot or two deep in most places. And the flora that grows there is a special mix of plants and flowers that like both the fresh water and the sand.

blue skies and clear water flowing to the ocean

Family Man took the boys to brave the cold water of the surf, first. Then, after some lunch, we moved to a spot by the creek and played there. It was a windy day, but when we settled in protected by the dunes it was nice and warm in the sun.

Brother pulling Young Son on the boogy board down the creek

See my smile? I’m so happy because of all the wonderful loving gestures and compliments my boys and my man were giving me all day. They sure know how to make Mama feel special!

Beautiful Day Mama with a big smile on my face