I always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, ever since I was a kid. I just never got the chance. Now, I’m finally doing it.

my hand poised to pluck the strings of the guitar

We’ve had a guitar kicking around the garage with broken strings for years. It was Brother who picked it up and started playing around with it last year. That was the impetus to sign him up for guitar class at his school. He took a smaller kid-sized guitar to class and still the guitar with the broken strings kicked around the garage until last month. I had it restrung so Brother could try it and bought a clip-on tuner so we could keep it in tune.

Then I decided to give it a try myself. Thanks to youtube, I didn’t have to submit myself to the possible embarrassment of trying to learn in public. I just chose a few videos and gave it a go. I’ve always liked the down-home, country sound of finger picking style of guitar playing, so that’s what I decided to start with. I enjoyed it immensely right away. Since that first video, I haven’t let a single day pass without picking it up and practicing for at least a few minutes. It is so much fun!

It has also given me a renewed sense of optimism. Because I think to myself, maybe an old dog really can learn new tricks. Maybe there are other hopes and dreams that can come true, too. It’s never too late to start something new…