Several days ago, Babs chewed through the string of fairy lights that was decorating our Solstice tree. The lights were on, before she bit through the three strands of electrical wire, and not on when she finished, and it sent a burnt electrical smell throughout our whole house. I rushed to find her and make sure she was still alive and not a brain dead Bunnicula, first. Then I lamented the loss of a string of lights I’d only just purchased the day before and put on the tree. But mostly I was relieved she was okay. Lucky girl.

white bunny with grey nose

the culprit

That was just the start of what went wrong, but not as wrong as it could have gone, on that day. A couple of hours later, Young Son was standing (erroneously, and against advisement) on an extra large tub of gesso which was in the corner of our living room. When he shouted for me, the tone of his voice made me come running. The top had cracked and it was leaking out onto his feet. I grabbed a roll of paper towels and put some on the carpet and told him to step down onto the paper towels. What do you know, half of the first foot to land somehow missed the paper towels and hit the carpet.

I’m just going to go on and admit that I had a full on teary, wailing, breakdown at this point. I cried like a little girl. As my youngest stood next to me on a new pile of paper towels just inside the kitchen and I worked to scrub the gesso out of the carpet of our rented house, I sobbed. I miserably complained about how hard I have it, always having to clean up all these messes and how unfair it all is. I may have overreacted.

Okay, I definitely overreacted. I mean, looking back now, I’m just glad the whole tub didn’t explode and dump its entire contents, a half gallon of gesso, all over our living room carpet. Plus, it did actually come out with all the scrubbing. You can’t even see the spot anymore. It could have been so much worse.

Young Son looking perfectly innocent because this is an older pic

looks innocent, doesn’t he?

The last incident, I’m partly to blame for, I admit. Background: the dining room table leg was loose because the nut had fallen off the bolt and I swept it up and threw it away before I realized what it was. With holidays approaching and company coming it really needed to be fixed. I did what any busy multi-tasking mama might do – I took the loose table leg off so I could take it to the hardware store and get the right nut.

What I didn’t do was clear any of the dishes or the two partially eaten gingerbread houses off the table first. It was standing on three legs when I left to take the kids to their classes at school and myself to do several hours of shopping. It was even standing when we got home more than three hours later. And before we even got out of the car, I warned the kids to absolutely NOT TOUCH THE TABLE until I brought the leg in with the new bolt and put it back on the table.

In Brother’s defense, he didn’t actually touch the table (according to him, I had carried in a load of shopping and was halfway back out to the car to get the table leg so I didn’t see what happened). Halfway between the front door and the car, I heard Brother yelling, “No, No, No, NO!” So, I ran inside to find on the floor: water, glasses, a broken bowl, and one unbroken gingerbread house. Brother tearily explained that he hadn’t touched the table, he had just picked up a hardboiled egg that was on the table. A technicality. It was a loophole. He was declared not guilty.

And I was mostly to blame, not having cleared the table. But I still felt cheated. WTF? He couldn’t just stay away from the table for one more minute for me to put the leg back on?

Oddly enough, the gesso incident was the straw that broke the camel’s back. This time, I stayed strangely cool and cleaned up the mess without a fuss. I made Brother hold up the table while I wiped the water and gingerbread crumbs and broken china fragments off the floor and then went to the car for the essential fourth table leg.

Brother not smiling

not guilty

Since no one ended up the hospital, I’m declaring it the Best Worst Day Ever. I’m glad its over.