The best part about any holiday is always how happy and excited the children are. Never mind that it has a tendency to make them act like greedy, impatient, hot tempered little nincompoops. Their lack of filter between thought and action is what reminds us of how blessedly innocent they are and that in turn reminds us of our own childhood joys during this time of year. Those fond memories are the entire reason we try to recreate the magic of the holidays for our little ones.

cut paper snowflakes pinned on the wall over a blue construction paper banner
So we have been cutting out paper snowflakes…

sun rising over snow dusting the rooftops
Celebrating the light dusting of snow we received over the weekend…

kids decorating their gingerbread houses
Brother and Young Son got to decorate gingerbread houses with icing and candy… (and Mama didn’t even have to do the baking – that’s something to celebrate!)

two house rabbits underneath our pretty little Christmas tree
And we even brought home a pretty little Solstice tree. See the bunnies? They are in house rabbit heaven when we have a tree inside. They love it! Best of both worlds for Babs and Mr.Buns.

I hope the spirit of the holidays is bringing brightness and fun to your days, too – CHEERS!!