I used to be thrilled by getting piles of candy at Halloween. I would be so excited/nervous before trick-or-treating that I never had an appetite for dinner. But I had no problem scarfing down the sugar laden treats that came after.

I also enjoyed planning a costume and putting it together, getting all dressed up. Thinking back on it, maybe I was just as excited about Halloween as my kids are now.

table decorations skeleton pumpkins spiders owl

Brother and Young Son LOVE Halloween. It is an important holiday at our house. The costumes, the candy, the decorations, the unusual late night excursion to knock on the doors of our neighbors/complete strangers.

Even though Halloween is far from MY favorite holiday, I can’t help but be swept up the excitement. Their passion for the event is palpable and infectious. So our steps are crowded by pumpkins in a variety of shapes and colors. Our lawn is occupied by foam gravestones. Our front window is adorned by a red gel ‘bloody’ handprint. A plastic skeleton dangles from the porch rafters, knocking against the wall eerily when the wind whips up.

We’ve also been scouring every thrift shop in town for costume elements. We’re nearing completion on that front as well. We are getting ready.

Do your kids get excited for Halloween, too? Do you?