The flexibility of a homeschool schedule makes field trips extra easy. Our homeschool-charter school also offers many cool field trip opportunities. Last weekend, I took Brother and Young Son to the Medieval Festival of Courage in (a field in) Blue Lake. Afterwards, we stopped at the fish hatchery because it’s also in Blue Lake. Then on Tuesday, we joined our school for a field trip to the pumpkin patch in Arcata.

knight in armor riding a bay horse and holding a jousting pole

The boys liked the boffing the best, of course. Boffing is like sword fencing, but with large padded foam swords. There was a large arena which was constantly full of a swarm of kids (mostly boys) play fighting with these padded foam boffing swords.

Brother boffing with a big smile on his face

You can see Young Son is hopping on one foot. If someone got hit on the arm, they were supposed to put that arm behind them. And if they got hit in the leg, they were supposed to not use that leg.

Young Son hopping on one foot and boffing

It was unusually hot that day. We were all practically melting in the sun. It was a relief to go to the fish hatchery afterwards, because it was much cooler. We just stopped by because we were so close; and I’m very fond of watching the fish. I think they’re fascinating.

hatchery trout swimming

(Above) These are rainbow trout which we hadn’t seen there before, so that was cool. They were around 8 to 10 inches long. More mature than the little salmon fry.

salmon fry leaping out of the water

I always try to get a good picture of the salmon leaping out of the water, but it’s very tricky. I took dozens of pictures of nothing but water to get this one okay image. If I had a better camera it could have been great. I also put up a one minute video of the salmon fry, so check it out if you’re into that sort of thing.

There is a long grassy field next to the hatchery enclosures. Two little girls we’d seen earlier at the Medieval Fair were playing tag and the boys joined in. They all ran their little hearts out; it was great.

And then Tuesday, we went to the pumpkin patch with a group from our school. As I mentioned before, about the zoo field trip, the nice thing about going with a school group is that there is a leader to give the kids all kinds of information and answer their questions. There was many different varieties of pumpkin: cinderella, peanut, knucklehead, sugar pie, and more, plus a corn maze, too. The boys got to pick out any pumpkin they wanted, provided they could carry it back to the car themselves. They’re looking forward to carving their pumpkins for Halloween.

Brother and Young Son sitting on a hay bale with their pumpkins

Three trips to fields in one week. Not bad!

Have you enjoyed any cool field trips with your kids recently? Tell me about it…