October 9th is Walk To School Day.

When school started up again in August, I wrote a blog post about taking a Morning Walk to School, even though we homeschool and don’t have far to go! Since then, we’ve been making it a regular (if not daily) habit.

There are many great reasons to walk (or bike) to school. It’s good for the body: walking or biking regularly forms healthy habits that last a lifetime. It’s good for the mind: studies show that kids who walk to school have an easier time concentrating on their schoolwork. It’s good for the community: walking reduces traffic congestion on the roads and at the school and promotes a sense of connection within a neighborhood. It’s good for the planet: walking or biking to school reduces pollution from vehicles.

boys walking togetherdeep in thought

boys walking together and talkinghaving a good talk

boys jumping togetherspontaneous parkor

Young Son on his scooter and Brother walkingwalk plus scooter ride

It would be hard to name just one best part about these walks. Besides the exercise and fresh air, we also have great relaxed conversations as we amble about. We find things, too. Once when we went all the way to the forest, Brother found a dollar on the ground. Yesterday we found some long bean pods that were growing through the fence of someone’s garden. We picked them and shelled them at home to dry the beans and plant in our own garden. We’ve sucked honeysuckle, eaten blackberries, and petted cats. I truly appreciate these walks and I can tell Young Son and Brother enjoy them, too.

Here’s some more resources to check out:

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