carrot peeking through the soil

I have a lot going on and one of those things is our garden, for which I am primarily responsible. Brother, Young Son, and Family Man all help out in spurts. But most of the work, and pleasure, of gardening falls to me. And of course everyone, even the buns, help to eat the fresh produce, which is the whole point.

I can’t remember if I’ve shared anything about the garden since the Spring. I’ve had so much else to talk about. The garden has been relegated to top-of-the-totem-pole* as far as blog topics go. But it bears mentioning, because it has been growing and nurturing us all summer long. So this is an update.

Most exciting right now, soon we’ll have our first ripe tomatoes!
tomatoes on the vine, one a deep orange, one light orange, one yellow, two green

The green beans continue to be generous…
green beans hanging from the plant

The cucumbers are abundant and SO delicious. The kids like them plain and I like them dipped in ranch dressing or pickled or as sunomono.
green cucumber on the vine

When the kids and I went away for four days we came back to a many and large cucumber harvest.
piles of cucumbers with a pair of large scissors to show how big they are

We have thai cilantro out the yin-yang! My MIL gave me a little plant of it in the spring along with a basil and a thyme. This thai cilantro freaking loves life. The first one I stuck in the garden after they all almost died of aphids and then drowning outside in a pot in the rain. It grew enormous and needs to be cut back constantly even though we use it regularly. Then I discovered that it roots practically at the speed of light. I can clip it and put the stems in water and the next day they show off these pretty pink roots. So I root them and give them away and plant more in the garden. If this stuff was money, we’d be rich.
thai cilantro cuttings in a glass jar of water on the window sill

And then there’s the zucchini plants. They have suffered and been pathetic in size and production. I guess because of the soil and the weather and the powdery mildew (don’t ask, I don’t want to talk about it). We did get two nice yummy zucchini earlier this summer and then nothing more for months. The two babies you see here I am guarding with all my energy lest they be consumed by rot or slugs before they can grow big. Around them is coffee grounds and egg shells. I hope its enough to save them from the inclement elements.
tiny zucchini, one still with its blossom

We did have peas, but the plants succumbed to the I-shouldn’t-even-be-mentioning-it-again powdery mildew and I had to pull them out. We’ll try again. Apparently peas can be grown year round in our zone and we do love peas.

So that’s the garden! It’s been super satisfying to grow food at home this year. The kids have planted (a second round of) spinach seeds in separate spots so it’ll be fun for them to see when ‘their’ seeds start to sprout. (That’s homeschool subject: science if you’re keeping track.) I’m starting some more seeds inside for fall: arugula, more parsley which we never have enough of because its the bunnies’ favorite, and more carrots, too.

We’ve had a lot of sunshine this summer and so far this autumn, lucky considering how close to the coast we are. I feel very thankful for all the good sunlight that helps the garden GROW.

*Just in case you were wondering: the person or character on the bottom of a totem pole is the chief, the star, the head honcho. She (or he) holds up everyone else on the totem pole and it shows that she (or he) is the strongest and most important.