That’s the answer. To the question: When is the skate park completely or nearly empty?

kid on a Razor scooter

In the afternoon after school or on a weekend its a teen mob scene at the skate park. We’ve been there. When its packed like that, younger children are in danger of getting underfoot and causing a wipe out. They’re in even greater danger of learning some new vocabulary words that you, their parent, will have a hard time explaining later. And seeing cigarette smoking, helmet-less skaters looking way more cool than they actually are.

As homeschoolers, we have a distinct advantage in being able to hit the skate park early-ish on a weekday morning (and call it P.E.). Chances are, we’ll be the only ones there. If there happens to be a single, unemployed 30 year old doing a few flips and grinds, he’ll be nice to the kids and mostly ignore their presence.

For a younger kid, having the freedom to try things out, mess up, and goof off like only a little kid can, is what its all about. And with that kind of freedom, they’ll pretty quickly get the hang of things and stop messing up (so much). That’s when the fun really takes off full speed ahead.

another kid on a Razor scooter

both kids on their Razor scooters