We went on a field trip yesterday with our homeschool – charter school to the Sequoia Park Zoo. Fun fact: Sequoia Park is the oldest zoo in California. The last time we went to the zoo was in the spring, on Earth Day. This time, since we were with the school, we had a tour led by one of the zookeepers. She held the kids attention with lots of interesting information about all the animals. It was a great way to experience the zoo. And since our group was relatively small, the kids were able to ask any questions they could think of and our guide answered them all. What a good opportunity!

homeschool group standing outside the gibbon cageGibbons – Gibbons are arboreal and their habitat is threatened by the harvesting of palm oil which has recently become a very popular ingredient in many foods. If you are a label checker, like I am, you’ll have noticed it all over the place. She was telling the students about the gibbons themselves though, not about the palm oil. That I read that on a sign on the fence.

spider monkeys hanging outSpider Monkeys – Hard to see, but they stick out their lips as a greeting to other spider monkeys and to people as well.

grey fox face camouflages with its surroundingsGrey Fox – The zoo has two grey foxes, both of which have permanent injuries caused by vehicles and they won’t be released to the wild.

kids with their attention on the docentLooking at mammal skulls

little grey baby flamingoFlamingos – The baby flamingos are grey and their feathers change color as they grow up as a result of their diet.

wild boar looking animal with grey furPeccary

red panda and baby red panda climb in a treeRed Pandas

baby red panda standing on a tree branchBaby Red Panda – This darling little girl was born at the Sequoia Park Zoo In June and has already gained a strong local following.

Young Son brushing a goatYoung Son says he was making this goat the king.

Brother brushing a goatBrother doing a super job.

We had such a fun time. The next school field trip will be in October – the pumpkin patch!