We’ve made it through the first two weeks of homeschool. The boys had their first day of on-site classes this week. It’s easier this year, going back and recognizing some of the teachers and other students. There is a sense of familiarity that they didn’t have last year. And I’m relieved that both Brother and Young Son seemed to have genuinely enjoyed their first day of on-site classes.

Young Son coming down the hallway and Young Son sitting outside the officeYoung Son comes to greet me after he is done with his first day of on-site classes and then half-smiles when I tell him I want to take his picture.

Brother coming down the hallway and Brother smiling outside the officeBrother comes down the hallway after class and then smiles for a ‘first day’ picture in front of the school office.

I’m adjusting to balancing my role of homeschooling two grade levels along with keeping up with housework, cooking, shopping, pet care, as well as watering the garden and preventing it from being overrun by weeds and powdery mildew. By the end of each day I’m usually exhausted beyond belief and wondering how I can possibly keep going. But then I get up the next morning and do it all over again. Because the individual moments of celebrating the NOW with my young children is worth every challenge life could throw my way.

Sometimes it’s just feeling the warmth that comes from being so close to them. Sitting side by side as we read books together. Getting a hug of encouragement in the middle of trying to accomplish twelve things in eleven minutes. Listening to their unfiltered thoughts when they chatter away, as we stretch our legs and our minds on an early morning walk around the neighborhood.

If memory is a bank vault where I can deposit each shared moment savored NOW, and save for LATER, then I’m getting so much richer each day.