two story house with dormer windows and wide front porch

For Labor Day weekend we took a little road trip southeast and spent one night at this house. My mother-in-law was offered the house for the weekend while her friend was out of town and she invited us to come, too. It was like a final blast of summer fun before getting serious about the school year. The highlight was a small pool which had a nice shallow end that was perfect for Brother and Young Son to practice their new swimming skills.

They’ve been getting confident with their doggie paddle and this weekend they both learned to swim on their backs.

Brother and Young Son both swimming on their backs in the pool

We were home again Monday and in spite of the holiday, Family Man actually worked most of the day at the school. That was okay though, because we had a lot of fun family time the two days before. And we did celebrate a traditional Labor Day with a fun barbeque in the our back yard. We had burgers and chicken with Sweet Honey BBQ Sauce and corn and lots of fixin’s. After dinner, we roasted marshmallows on the remainders of the bbq coals.

Young Son holds up the marshmallow he is roasting

around the barbeque in the dark, Family Man points to the sky and the boys look up at the stars