We spent a gorgeous day swimming at the Van Duzen river yesterday.  I feel so blessed to live somewhere so beautiful and wild.  The river is warmer now; the snow melt chill is gone and its just delightfully, refreshingly cool.  When we were camping at the same spot, Swimmer’s Delight, almost two months ago, I didn’t even go in.  Yesterday I did, and it was heaven.

Brother jumping into the river

At the end of the day, everyone but us had left the river for their homes or their campsites.  We stood on the bank above the river, throwing in rocks.  Who knows why throwing rocks into water is so much fun, but it is, don’t you think?  The potential energy when you’re winding up, and the sound when rock connects with water. I was encouraging my guys to throw left-handed, too.  Because, I told them, its good for your brain when you try to do things left-handed that you normally do right-handed (or vice-versa if you are naturally left-handed).  I’m pretty sure that’s true, I don’t think I’d just make up a fact like that.

Family Man said that when he throws with his left hand he throws like a girl.  I squinted my eyes and glared at him.  I’m female, so I’m morally obligated to stand up for women everywhere, and sometimes that means a withering look at the right opinionated loud-mouth.  He laughed and said it was true, and he was “imitating my form” to get a good left-handed throw which he described as “leaning back, elbow pointed forward, a little pigeon-toed.”   I had to laugh, too, when I went for another throw and realized he had described my stance perfectly.  As awkward as it must look, I can’t throw left-handed without posing like that first, so I continued on, while laughing at myself.

We had a little competition to see who could throw farther, me, right-handed, or Family Man, left-handed.  After some practice, he could beat me, but only by inches.   “See?” he said, “That’s what I mean by, when I throw left-handed, I throw like a girl.”  He had me there.  I chose to forgo the withering glare that time (sorry, girls) and gave him a big, toothy smile instead.  When he’s right, he’s right.  And just for today, I’m willing to admit that.

kids posing on a giant fallen tree

mom smiling with both kids

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