I promise I won’t be one of those parents that goes on and on about how great their kid is – but how do you gracefully handle it if your kid IS really wonderful at something?  My son is a super talented draw-er.  (Not drawer, draw-er.)  I didn’t make him that way, I didn’t do a single thing to help.  I know he’s been inspired by Family Man, who is also a great illustrator.  But no one could make an eight year old kid dedicate as much time and energy to one skill as this kid does to drawing.  You’d think he was born with a pencil in his hand.  He might as well have been.  (Except that would have been awkward, birth wise.)

So, I don’t want to brag.  But I just have too, a little bit.  About him.  Because he deserves it.  Remember when I shared Brother learns Manga ?  Those were his drawings about one year ago.  Brother knows he’s doing much better illustrations now and he almost cringes when he sees his older work.  Not me.  I still love those pictures.  Here’s what my kid has been drawing lately:

black and white 1 page comic about girl from another planet©KRD 2013

black and white 2 panel comic of pretty girl©KRD 2013

black and white inked drawing male figure walking©KRD 2013

tri-color 1 page comic of mad scientist©KRD 2013