green and brown baby quilt

This is a baby quilt I made for my friend Sarah. The fabrics that are pieced on the front (shown) I received in a fabric exchange through an internet forum. They are something I never would have chosen myself, but the prints really grew on me as I put together this quilt. The backing is a solid piece of cotton flannel with a patchworky-looking forest print.  The edging is flannel as well.  The fabrics and the batting are all cotton. Sarah loved this quilt and told me so again and again. It’s difficult to describe the feeling of putting yourself into a creation and having someone really appreciate it in a heartfelt way. It feels good.

fuzzy blanket made of triangles sewn in a zig zag pattern

This blanket I created for another friend from fabrics she had been saving to make something special for her son.  She entrusted me to design and sew it and it was really fun.  I’m a sucker for camouflage and faux fur.  Where others might consider them gaudy, I think they are earthy and zen.  The fabrics are mostly fleece, with a few velvets, and one faux fur.  The triangles pieced in a zig-zag fashion was inspired by the prints themselves, of course.  There is no batting.

zig zag blanket