I’m the mama here at beautiful day in paradise and the author of this blog. I like to sew and garden. I’m very passionate about natural birth. I love babies. And bunnies. I’m a proud mother to my two sweet, smart, strong boys. I’m a dedicated and sometimes impertinent wife.

I am a bit of a control freak (I’m working on being less of one). I like to cook and I like to clean (yes, really). I like doing puzzles. I love reading (mostly novels and blogs). I like zinnias and marigolds and geraniums. I love salad. And cheesecake. I’ve always been skinny and I’m trying to gain weight. I love music, especially reggae, and I love to dance.

me at my dad's house

As a child, I lived in the hills of Humboldt County and the suburbs of the Bay Area. I studied architecture for two years at CalPoly San Luis Obispo. When I was nineteen, my mom passed away after battling ovarian cancer. I took time off from school to regroup, worked with my dad (on building his house from a design my mom had created), and then traveled through Europe by train. I returned to college at Humboldt State University where I met the man who would become my husband.

We fell in love, moved in together, had a child, got engaged, then moved from Humboldt back to the Bay Area. There, we lost a baby and had another child. When our boys were both old enough to walk and talk and celebrate with us, we were married in a beautiful, intimate ceremony on Mt.Vision in Pt. Reyes, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Much to the consternation of our parents, we’ve done things out of order, in our own time, to the beat of our own drum. We’re just wild and crazy like that.

me with both boys on a camping trip

When our youngest child was a year old, I started working part time at a tiny, wonderful natural food store in our little hippy beach town. I worked there for five years. Last year, we moved back to Humboldt and I left my job to stay home and homeschool our kids. Homeschooling is fun and super challenging, too. Life is an adventure to which I say, “bring it on!”

me with both kids by a lake in South Lake Tahoe