Brother in the snow

Brother was born at home, in our dune shack, in the dawn of a misty October morning in 2004.  He wasn’t a brother then, of course, he was our first. Young Son was born two years and five days later and when he learned to talk he made no effort to pronounce his siblings name, he always called him Brother.  He must have heard us say the word brother so many times, it just stuck.

Brother smiling at the river

So much like his father, Brother is an ambitious dreamer.  He is constantly scheming the next big project.  Of course, his dad encourages him, which helps give his dreams flight.  However unattainable they might be in the here and now, they’re tangible plans that will be realized all in due time.  And most of those plans are in some way related to drawing.

Brother drawing

My oldest son draws a lot.  It’s his thing.  In this too, he takes after Family Man, who is an illustrator extraordinaire. Brother hardly goes anywhere in the house, much less out of it, without his clipboard, paper, and an array of pencils and pens.  He spends so much time drawing (and reading how-to-draw books and watching how-to-draw videos) that he’s become quite skilled.  And even though I know how good he is, he still surprises me regularly with new amazing drawings.

Brother likes building things and making three-dimensional art, too. His favorite food is mango. His favorite color is blue. He’s a good helper around the house and he’s more affectionate now than he was as a toddler. Lately he’s been wild about taking pictures and making videos. He has a strong creative vision and he’s willing to put into the work to turn his visions into a product.

Brother stacking rocks at the river