Young Son shows his hand held video game

Our Young Son was born late at night in October of 2006.  In the hospital, the next morning, as Family Man and I discussed a name to write on his birth certificate, we pondered his potential to be a redhead.   On Family Man’s father’s side of the family, every second son has red hair, going back at least three generations.  Young Son would be the fourth generation that I’m aware of.  And we were thinking of giving him the middle name Blaze, which would seem fitting for a redhead, yeah?  We gambled on the family line and dubbed him so. Though when he was born, he had just a bit of blond, possibly-slightly-in the-right-light reddish fuzz atop his head.  Even at two and three years of age, he was blond.  His hair has changed color though, and now at 6 and half, its a brilliant fiery red with blond tips on his curls.

Young Son at the fish hatchery

Young Son has been trying to catch up with Brother from the day he was born. He started crawling at 6 and a half months and walking at 10 and a half months in an effort to keep up. He’s pretty much game for any of the wild schemes Brother invents. But its always by personal choice, he’s not a follower. Young Son is strong willed and fierce when his limits are tested.

Young Son smiling at the zoo

Young Son loves legos and action figures and comic books. He dislikes cooked carrots, but eats them anyway to placate his mom. His favorite food is pear. His favorite color is green. He likes books and loves having them read to him. He’s very visual and associates specific words and phrases with shapes and colors in his mind. He loves the water and is on the verge of learning how to swim.

Young Son poses by a palm at the Arcata plaza