Meet Mr. Buns. He likes all fresh greens, he’s not picky. He loves head licks from Babs. He tolerates being held. Mr. Buns is curious about noises and he’s always trying to get into the kids room, where he’s not allowed. He gives family people friendly nudges with his nose. He loves to tear up newspaper.

Mr. Buns climbing through cardboard box

Mr. Buns was our first rabbit. He’s been with us for three years. We adopted him from the cousins of one of Brother’s classmates. He lived outside at first, but one night while Family Man and I sat on the couch, we watched through the window as a fox climbed onto the cage and tried to get in. We chased off the fox and we knew we had to bring Mr. Buns inside, at least at night.

At the time, I didn’t know anything about house rabbits. When I was a kid, we’d always had rabbits that lived outdoors in a hutch. But Family Man had friends with a rabbit that lived in their house, free to hop around, much like an indoor cat. They taught us a lot about how to care for our bun and I’m super grateful because rabbits make wonderful house pets. They are not as affectionate or as loyal as a dog. They are not as clever or as self-sufficient as a cat. But they are the quietest, sweetest, most gentle pets you could ever ask for.

Mr. Buns is the friendliest between the two of our bunnies, probably because he’s had the longest time to get to know all of us. But his true love is Babs, he’s been a much happier guy ever since we adopted her.

Mr. Buns laying down with Babs