This is Babs. We adopted her on Easter, over a year ago. She’s a sweetheart, pretty and timid. Babs loves parsley, nasturtiums, and clover. She dislikes spinach. She loves to chew on everything from books to furniture to cardboard boxes. She always wants more grooming from Mr. Buns. She is shy of people still, but starting to come around. She hates being held. Babs is happiest napping in a cozy corner and observing the family people from a distance.

Babs napping in a towel nest

We had Mr. Buns first. When I brought Babs home from the shelter, they didn’t get along right away. Rabbits are very territorial and they aren’t always willing to accept a new bun in their space. In groups, they have a dominant/submissive hierarchy illustrated by grooming gestures and mounting. We had to go through a long and challenging bonding process to introduce the rabbits to each other. It was well worth all the effort, because now they’re BFFs.

Babs and Mr. Buns together