This is Pac. His unique characteristic is that when he’s hungry and he sees a person just outside his bowl, he’ll swim quickly back and forth to beg for food. Other than that, I really can’t tell how he’s feeling, if he’s happy, sad, or indifferent. He’s a hardy little fellow, though. He’s lived by far the longest of all the goldfish we had. When we moved six hours north last year, he survived the long drive in a plastic bag inside his bowl, nestled in the front of the Uhaul next to the rabbits.

goldfish swimming in bowl

Our goldfish is named Pac, after 2Pac, the rapper. Originally there were three fish: Biggie, Dre, and Pac. They were a christmas present from my brother-in-law to my sons. My advice, for uncles and everyone else really: if you are going to get a pet for some very young children, get their parents OK first. With any gift, its the thought that counts, but when that gift is a living breathing creature, its the thought that counts even more. [As an aside, the same goes for giving plants as a mother’s day gift. Make sure the mother being gifted really wants another thing to feed and care for.]

Anyway, goldfish do take some care and I think the bowl might have been on the small side for three fish. Before we could get a good routine going of cleaning and changing the water, Biggie and Dre both died. I optimistically brought home another goldfish as a replacement ‘friend’ but that one unfortunately had a parasite and also died.

So, now its just Pac. He’s cool. He likes water and fish food and swimming.