I have noticed lately that when my boys start to bicker or fight with each other, ninety percent of the time it is when they haven’t eaten in a while and they’re starting to get hungry. Hungry = Grumpy Having them well fed actually really helps to keep the peace. I try to keep to a fairly regular schedule. That generally means three square meals a day, with two snack times in between, and occasionally dessert after dinner, too.

That’s a lot of feeding! We’re on the metaphorical hamster wheel of food preparation over here. Thankfully, Family Man helps out with the cooking, too. And of course, we want the food we serve to be as nourishing and satisfying as possible.

close up of popcorn

Popcorn is an easy snack to make at home. It is fast, and it is light, healthy, and delicious. If you have an air popper, you’re set. I’m going to describe how to do this with a big pot on the stove.

You’ll want:

  • organic popping corn
  • sea salt
  • cooking oil (I use safflower)
  • a big stock pot with good fitting lid

ELECTRIC STOVE VS. GAS: I vastly prefer a gas range to cook on, but we don’t always get to choose. The house we live in now has an electric stove, which can be a pain, but you just have to learn to adjust. When I make popcorn on an electric stove, I use a cooling rack which I position over the large front burner: the pot sits on the rack, just above the burner so the bottom doesn’t overheat and burn the popcorn.

Put the pot on the stove, turn to medium high heat. Pour in just enough oil to cover the bottom of the pot. Add a few kernels of corn now and put on the lid. Listen until the kernels pop, now it is hot enough. Pour in enough kernels to cover the bottom of the pot in one single layer. Shake ’em around a little to get them all coated with oil. Put the lid back on. You can shake up the pot a few times while the corn is popping to keep it from overcooking on the bottom. When the popping stops, get it off the heat quick or it will burn.

Sprinkle on sea salt and toppings of your choice.

try these VARIATIONS:

  • melted butter (of course)
  • nutritional yeast (our stand-by)
  • honey and black pepper (it’s good, trust me)

for homemade KETTLE KORN:

  • add brown sugar with the corn kernels once the oil is hot

Sometimes I’ll fill up paper lunch sacks with popped corn for the kids to take outside.

bowl of popcorn

What do you like to put on your popcorn?