It’s official.  Summer is here.  Brother performed with his whole guitar class, all two of them, at Alder Grove Charter School’s Spring Concert.

Brother playing guitar

Yesterday was one of those yummy sunsoaked days.  I pulled up weeds in the garden, Family Man mowed the lawn, and afterwards we took the kids to play in the creek in Freshwater.  In the evening we went to a reception at the Morris Graves Museum of Art – Youth Gallery.  The boys took an art class there this Spring and the flower sculptures they created in class are on display in the Youth Gallery for the month of June.  So cool!

Young Son declared that Wednesdays are now Pirate Day and then spent most of that day embracing the role.
Young Son dressed as a pirate

The next day he stormed the front yard wearing a batman hood, hand-dyed green silk cape, bicycle gloves, and rubber boots, wielding a toy light saber like a rocket launcher. This kid knows how to have fun.

Brother still like to dress up, too. Brother tried to convince me that he could attend the art reception wearing shorts over stained and ripped sweatpants with a sock hanging off one ear and upside-down Spider-Man sunglasses. I insisted he change. I sounded just like my mother.

During the school year it went something like this: anything beyond picking up clothes and toys and washing dishes took me days to get around to because I was so busy playing bounce pass (P.E.) or handwatering transplants while a kid sprayed water on their leaves with a squirt bottle (science) or setting up a store where the boys could buy their own toys from me with real coins (math) or cuddling on the big bed reading story books (language). I would get around to vacuuming, cleaning sinks, doing laundry eventually, but now that summer is here our house is surely in need of a Spring cleaning.

So, I’m trying to get caught up, but I think I may need more hours in the day. So far I don’t see anything getting more clean. If anything, perhaps it has stopped getting more dirty? I suppose if we can just achieve some sort of cleanliness-stasis where it doesn’t necessarily get better but it also doesn’t get worse, I’ll have to be satisfied.