We have some really good things growing in the garden these days. May weather finally brought an end to frost and hail as well as some very welcome sunshine. A few high wind days damaged some of the transplants, but most of them are getting well established now. 

The peas, which managed to flourish through the frost and hail are now (Joy!) sharing their bounty with us:

peas and blossoms on the vine


carrot greens coming up

Green Beans:

tiny green beans and blossoms

little green beans growing


first pickling cucumber

Nurturing a garden and helping it grow is satisfying in a deeply primal way. Yet, unlike raising children, there is no pressure to get it right the first time. It’s okay to just do my best; successes are welcome and mistakes are just learning experiences, not potential lifelong scars on another persons body or soul. It is very relaxing. I dote on each plant, watering them all by hand while they’re young and watch them transform daily under my care, knowing there’s no judgement either way.

I have been out jogging twice this week. I want to improve my strength and fitness and stay healthy, so I’m going to try and make it a habit. Young Son came along with me today and rode his bike = homeschool P.E. If you’re counting, that’s two birds with one stone, cuz everyone knows moms are the masters of multitasking. Check mark!

We are on the homestretch wrapping up a whole year of homeschooling; the boys have their last school day next week on May 22. 

It feels like Spring is just beginning and already, here comes Summer…