close up of bee inside a zucchini blossom
A bee came inside with me today. Not a little one. I actually got stung by a little tiny bee a few days ago, while planting a zucchini start. It was a little sting and I put baking soda on it and it felt better right away.

The bee that came inside with me today was a huge wasp. I walked in from watering the garden, picked up my drink, and was sitting down in the living room with my family when I saw it on my right arm. My instinctual reaction was to scream like a little girl and look away.

Now, that may sound sexist to say I screamed like a girl, and goodness knows we all want to banish the ists and isms, but I am not being prejudicial. If you are familiar with the sounds of small children, you’ll know what I mean. Little girls almost unanimously shriek and scream at almost nothing from the time they learn to crawl and play and little boys will scream similarly only after they’ve been exposed to the high pitched sound of little girls. I know this from first hand experience.

And girls don’t always grow out of this feminine trait. When I would call home from the college dorms at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, my mom would invariably ask if there were children there, so loud and shrill were the shrieks of the women in my hall. You can bet it didn’t sound like that in the guys dorms.

So anyway, after screaming like a little girl at the sight of the enormous bee, I turned my head left, and jerked my drink holding hand right, trying to get as far away as possible from the bee on my arm. A few drops spilled on the carpet as I did this. You see, I was holding a full glass of beer and I did not want to lose it and spill the whole thing and I really did not want to get stung by this big wasp. I reached down to put my drink on the floor and that brought the offending arm as well as the bee back into my line of vision which caused me to scream again, and again turn my head left and after putting down the glass, jerk my arm to the right.

This all happened so fast, aside from putting down the drink, I don’t know if what I did was rational, but deep within me I knew this was the best solution to my problem. And I was right. After my first scream Family Man turned and saw the bee too, and after the second scream he was by my side flicking the bee off my arm and saving me from being stung.

My hero.