We try to respect and honor the Earth and her rhythms and her inhabitants every day and teach our children to do the same. Part of that is gardening and growing some of our own food so that our kids will understand where food really comes from. That it doesn’t just come off a shelf at the grocery store, but it comes from the Earth and a lot of work, both by nature and by people, goes into it to bring it to our table (or lunch box, or picnic blanket). And we like to instill our young ones with a respect for all living things, great and small, plant and animal.

red panda standing on tree limbRed Panda

Yesterday we took our first trip as a family to the Eureka Zoo. Our boys have been there with their grandparents, so they showed us around. As far as zoos go, the Eureka zoo is pretty petite, so we were able to go slow and take it all in.

FamilyMan and kids looking out

Young Son smiling

goat like hoofed animalsSouth American Mara

rainbow colored birdGolden Pheasant

Beautiful Day Mama, Family Man, and Young Son