sprouting plants in containers in sunny window

As much as I’d love to be outside gardening, my plants continue to flourish indoors, for now. Yesterday morning it hailed. Not for very long, but all the same, it did hail. This morning there was a thin sheen of frost on the car. Noticeably less frost than a few weeks ago, but frosty nonetheless. Aside from these lovely green plants in our front window, there is also cucumber vines and parsley growing in the kitchen and still a few more cucumber plants in the laundry room. Thank goodness for sunny windows!

curling cucumber tendril

And thank goodness for the delicate intricacies of growing things. These cucumber vine tendrils are trying to grab anything they can reach, and when they do, they hold on fast, and when they don’t, they still try, grasping at the very air.

kids laying on carpet looking at books

This is our living room after a trip to the library. Two quiet boys absorbed in their latest finds. The main library for all of Humboldt County is located in Eureka, in old town, and oh my gosh, do we ever love it there! It has become a weekly pilgrimage for me, an avid reader, and my two book-loving homeschoolers. There is no limit on how many books one can check out, so we test those boundaries by bringing home as many books as we can carry each week. We’ve been known to have upwards of fifty books checked out at once and we DO read them all.

both boys bending over one book on the floor