bunny laying under shelf where plants are sprouting in containersSomeone napping in the sunshine.

The weekend after Valentine’s Day, we went to Pierson’s and bought seeds for our Spring garden. We picked out green beans, zucchini, pickling cucumbers, carrots, parsley, and spinach. Our sprouts are hanging out by a sunny front window in the living room, doing great.

new sprouts growing in containers in the sunshine

It has been almost two weeks now without a frost, so hopefully that’s it, Winter is over and Spring is here to stay. The green beans and zucchini have all been transplanted to the garden and many of the cucumbers. Oh, and the snap peas, too, which were my Valentine’s Day present.

both boys digging with shovels in the dirt

Our boys have been digging in the garden, learning shoveling skills and getting muddy right along side us. They helped with planting the green beans. We are looking forward to having our own fresh veggies to pick this year. Yum!

Our neighbor, the mechanic, gave us his old basketball hoop, which the boys are very excited about. Brother is honing his dribbling skills.  And sometimes they make up their own games, like this one which used, improbably, the old hoop under the new one and a plastic deck chair:

kids in the driveway playing basketball

The boys are at this precious age where they are more independent and gaining insight every day, yet still delightfully innocent.

Family Man is working on a microbrew beer label as an assignment for his graphic design class and the other day, during a documentary film about microbrews, Young Son enthusiastically exclaimed, “Dad, in your whole life, you’ve probably drank more than a gallon of beer!”

And then there is Brother, who is so articulate and thoughtful. As we were driving home one day, I listened to him musing in the back seat, “I don’t agree with war. But I do agree with war toys. That’s reasonable. Well, not really. I like army toys, though. They’re fun…”