My folks came for a visit last weekend. It was short, but sweet. It always feels like we’re just beginning to get caught up on each others news and then they have to leave. Our boys are blessed with doting grandparents on both sides of the family. I count us very lucky when it comes to extended family support and love.

Young Son half smiling looking a lot like his grandpa sitting behind him
My dad with Young Son

Brother and Grandma sitting on the floor
Grandma, showing Brother her crafting

We all went out to the famous Samoa Cookhouse for lunch. I can remember the one time my parents took my sister and I there for breakfast when we were about the same age as my kids are now.

Grandpa, Beautiful Day Mama, Family Man, Young Son, and Brother at the table

The Cookhouse tries to recreate the feel of the old days when it really did serve as a cookhouse for the men who worked logging old growth redwood trees. So when you go there for a meal, you sit at long tables right beside the other guests and they bring big serving bowls loaded with food and you eat as much as you like. Honestly, the food is not great; its all about the atmosphere which is fun and lively.

The boys were intrigued by the enormous saws with five and six foot long blades and by the old typewriters and other antiques on display. I like all the old photographs, even though its sad to think of all those ancient trees being cut down without much thought to the future.

We wrapped up the weekend, after they left, by watching the Super Bowl. We don’t have a television, so we were thinking we’d have to go out somewhere to see the big game. We haven’t been keeping up with the season, but the 49ers were playing and the 49ers is our team, so we didn’t want to miss it. Some of us didn’t want to go out to watch a football game on television, however, Brother was downright refusing. But we were in luck! For the first time ever, the Super Bowl was live-streamed over the internet, so we got to watch in the comfort of our own home.

the superbowl live stream on the computer screen

I like watching football pretty well now. After living twenty-plus years of my life having no clue what was happening out there on a football field, Family Man explained the basics of the game and now I can follow along more or less and at least cheer and boo at the right moments. The live-stream was pretty awesome. Now if they’ll just start live-streaming NBA games over the internet I’ll be over the moon. Football is cool, but I love basketball even more.

Midway through the game a cheerful flock of red-breasted robins was curiously congregating on our front lawn for no apparent reason.

nine red breasted robins on the front lawn

Bummer about the 49ers making a bit of a comeback mid-game only to lose by a few points in the end. The whole Giants winning the World Series thing had us feeling a little cocky about California sports teams and we felt like they just had to win it. Clearly that just wasn’t mean to be.