Our first visit to the hatchery was one month ago.

Young Son, Brother, and Family Man looking down into the water full of hatchery fish

We went back to the Fish Hatchery yesterday to check up on the steelhead babies.  It is possible they already released the ones we saw there a month ago.  These ones looked about the same size or maybe a little smaller.  Unfortunately, we didn’t see anyone around who we could ask.

hatchery fish in the water

more hatchery fish in the water

I am in love with the hatchery fish.  Despite their unnatural circumstance, I am enchanted by their natural beauty and harmony with each other.  They move lithely through the water, in unison, like birds flocking.  When they fling their bodies out of the water and fall gently back in, it makes a soft musical splash.

hatchery fish jumping out of the water

The first time we went to hatchery I did not even bring my camera.  This time I had it, but it was running out of battery.  I just managed to capture  a handful of still shots.  That’s modern life for ya.

Brother and Young Son crouch near some mushrooms

We took a walk down to the Mad River which runs past the hatchery.  It was really beautiful and peaceful.

Which is more than I can say for our house right now; as I think back to how lovely and quiet it was at the river, Brother and Young Son are making an unbelievable racket in the living room. I wish I could bottle up their energy and drink it when I need a burst of supernatural motivation.