Lately our kitchen, in addition to being our dining room, is being used as sometimes schoolroom as well as science lab.  Various ongoing experiments are lining the window sill or tucked into corners in between bottles of oil and vinegar and jars of cooking utensils.

all the experiments lined up on the kitchen counter

Here, I’ve pulled them out and grouped them together for the sake of illustration.  There is the salt water/fresh water brine shrimp experiment, which ended up growing only mold (the eggs were not viable; after a week and half we threw the whole thing out).  There is a rose in colored dye.  A wick in dye.  A tray of cress seeds.  Some hydrophobic sand.  The remainder of the vinegar battery experiment.  As well as the soil layers experiment, which is now growing moss and grass.

sprouts growing in a petri dishCress seeds sprouting

red green and blue sugar water in glasses
And perhaps the crowning glory, the growth of crystal rock candy.  This experiment we began weeks ago.  It was very slow to start, but the sugar crystal growth is gaining speed now.  It will probably be ready to consume around the time we’re running out of Halloween candy.

It is great having our school projects overflowing into our living space everywhere, blurring the lines in between school and life.  So learning is not restricted to certain hours of the day or days of the week.  Learning is growing organically through the strata of our everyday experience.