Yesterday, we did this fun experiment called Liquid Fireworks:

How it came about is this, I say, Do you want to do a science experiment? Though I have no clue what that experiment would be and Brother’s response is YES. So then I sit down at the computer and quickly, using Bing, google “second grade science experiment” and look for something simple and easy to set up with materials I have on hand already.

Here’s how it works, You start by putting two tablespoons of cooking oil into a measuring cup and adding two or three drops of red, blue, and yellow food dye to the cooking oil. Mix it around a little. Then pour the oil and dye into a big jar filled with water. The oil sits on top of the water (leading to discussions of how oil and water don’t mix and relative density) and the water based food dye slowly leaks out of the oil into the water leaving spindly trails of color.

liquid fireworks experiment in a quart mason jar

After you have all gotten your fill of watching the colors sink down through the clear water, let the kid(s) mix up the oil and water with a spoon. Watch the oil droplets swirl around and then bob back to the top and regroup.

Try it at home!