By that, I mean homeschooling rocks my world.  I do not mean I am homeschooling rocks.  Far from being stationary lumps of condensed mineral, my kids are vocal, dynamic learning machines.  I love the flexibility and spontaneity of our homeschool days and best of all, I love spending so much time with our kids and being so immersed in their learning process.  What I don’t love is them spending so much time with each other.  They get too much of each other and need a break sometimes.  They need to experience and express their individuality.
On the positive side, however, they are very lucky to have each other.  They are constant companions, bouncing ideas off each other and cracking each other up with elementary school humor.

Young Son and Brother at the living room table sewingSewing

Young Son and Brother on the floor reading booksReading library books

Brother and Young Son at the kitchen table rolling clayModeling clay art

We have been making ample use of the library, hauling home a huge heap (today is the letter ‘h’) of library books every week.  We get easy readers for Brother, although the books he truly enjoys reading are ones like Garfield comics and Bone graphic novels . I found a series which has a book for each letter of the alphabet, which we are using along with homemade coloring pages to teach Young Son the lower-case alphabet.  I am also checking out lots of books about homeschooling which are giving me great ideas for projects and learning/teaching techniques.  I really appreciate the public library.

Outdoor learning, also known as field trips, are another favorite of mine, and the kids, too.  Last week, on Friday, we spent the whole day at the Van Duzen River County Park.  The weather was gorgeous, sunny, and warm.  That day deserves a whole post of its own.  Coming soon.