Here are all the blackberries we picked to make one delicious blackberry pie. That is three quarts of blackberries. Many from our own yard and the rest from just down the road.

bowl full of blackberries

It was a group effort from start to finish. We all picked berries, Family Man (and the boys) went to the market and bought the flour, Mama and Young Son made the crust, Mama filled it and baked it, and of course WE ALL helped eat the PIE!

It has been sunnier this August than I think it has been any other year when I have griped on and on about the fog and the cool weather and how much I want to move to some place with real summer. And now we’re moving! But not to someplace sunny and warm. (That will happen, I swear on it. Maybe next year…) This August, yes the sunniest August I have ever seen in the last seven years, we will be moving to Arcata/Eureka. Possibly the one place which rivals here for most days of fog per year.

I am over the moon. Family Man and I met in Arcata, all those years ago. We fell in love. We started our family. We homebirthed our first child. We got engaged. We did things slightly out of order and in our own wild way. And now we get to go back for more. It’s kind of like if the blackberry pie we just finished tonight reappeared and we got to savor each tart-sweet loving bite all over again. At least, I think it will be like that…

Family Man was super close to finishing his bachelor’s degree when we had our first baby and moved down to the Bay Area to be close to our families. Now he is going back to complete his degree and graduate.

We still have some friends up there, and those friends have kids near our own kids ages. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with those folks. I’m looking forward to seeing my midwife who helped us bring our first son into the world, and being close to my godparents who live in the area. There are many really good friends I have made here who we will be far from. To those folks, I promise you, we will come back to visit often. Grandma, for one, will have a fit if we don’t.