Cleaning out the house; this is another item I’ve decided to part with this year. I did this drawing for an assignment during my first year as an architecture student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I chose this photo of a church designed by Bernard Maybeck because he was one of my mom’s favorite architects and she was my inspiration for studying architecture.

Here is the photo:
photo of Bernard Maybeck church interior

I was instructed to replicate the photo as closely as possible with Prismacolor markers and pencils. Here is my drawing:
drawing of Bernard Maybeck church interior

I still remember staying up all night in the dorm study/drafting room with other students in my class to finish our drawings. I had already learned the lesson not to drink coffee on those all nighters because coffee would make my hands shake and then I couldn’t draw a straight line. Just the pressure to get the work done on time was enough to keep me going. It took until daybreak to finish and we all went to class the next day without a wink of sleep.